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RFID Card 13Mhz 

The RFID Card is a 13Mhz EM4001 compatible card. It has size range of 12-15cm. It helps in delivering the processed data very quickly and in a easy readable format. It is applicable in various fields, such as: Smart access system, Wireless article tracking and DIY projects requiring RFID card based authentication.

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    Product Name Rfid Card
    Operating Resonance Frequency 13Mhz
    Standard Bits 64-bit data stream
    Compatible Standard EM4001 ISO
    Size Range 12-15cm

    These RFID cards operate at 13.56 MHz and are ISO 14443 certified. Having the ability to read/write, these cards are commonly used for access control, public transport, loyalty reward systems, ID cards, and various basic applications.


    • Operating Frequency:13.56 MHz
    • Memory storage: 1K Byte
    • Protocol: ISO14443A
    • Reading and writing distance: 5cm
    • Operating temperature: -30º C to +75º C
    • Color: white
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