Welcome to the future of interactive digital solutions with Ultra LED Smart Boards by Himalayan Solution. Our smart boards are designed to revolutionize the way you communicate, collaborate, and share information. Ideal for educational institutions, corporate environments, and dynamic public spaces, our smart boards offer cutting-edge technology that fosters engagement and productivity.

Interactive Smart Board Price and Model avaliable in Nepal

We offer a range of interactive smart boards to suit different needs and budgets. Here are the available models and their prices:

S.N. Model Size Price (NPR)
1 Interactive Boardroom Display 55 inch 177,000
2 Interactive Boardroom Display 65 inch 205,000
3 Interactive Boardroom Display 75 inch 253,000
4 Interactive Boardroom Display 86 inch 392,000
5 OPS PC N/A 57,000

Detailed Overview of Models

  1. Interactive Boardroom Display (55 inch)

    • Price: NPR 177,000
    • Ideal for small to medium-sized conference rooms, this model offers a compact yet powerful solution for interactive meetings and presentations.
  2. Interactive Boardroom Display (65 inch)

    • Price: NPR 205,000
    • Perfect for medium-sized meeting rooms, providing a larger display area for enhanced visibility and interaction during collaborative sessions.
  3. Interactive Boardroom Display (75 inch)

    • Price: NPR 253,000
    • Suitable for larger conference rooms, this model offers ample screen space to facilitate detailed presentations and interactive discussions.
  4. Interactive Boardroom Display (86 inch)

    • Price: NPR 392,000
    • The largest in our series, this display is ideal for large meeting spaces and lecture halls, offering maximum visibility and interaction capabilities.
  5. OPS PC

    • Price: NPR 57,000
    • An optional OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) PC module can be integrated with any of our interactive displays, providing enhanced computing power and additional

Smart Board

Applications of Ultra LED Smart Boards in Nepal

  • Education

    • Enhance the learning experience with interactive lessons that engage students and facilitate better understanding. Our smart boards support multimedia presentations, making learning more dynamic and effective.
  • Corporate

    • Improve meeting efficiency and collaboration with interactive displays that support video conferencing, document sharing, and real-time annotation. Perfect for brainstorming sessions, training, and presentations.
  • Public Spaces

    • Use our smart boards as interactive kiosks in malls, airports, and other high-traffic areas. Provide visitors with easy access to information, wayfinding, and promotional content.