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NRF 24l01 Without Antenna

NRF 24l01 With Antenna

 The Nrf24l01 wireless transceiver module with antenna is easy and suitable module to setup wireless communication system. This module allows communication up to 1000 meters without barriers. It has active RFID and NFC with support of six channels of data reception.

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    Voltage 3-3.6vV(Recommended 3.3v)
    Maximum Output Power +20 DBm
    Emission Mode Operating Current (Peak) 115 MA
    Receive Mode Operating Current (Peak) 45 MA
    Power-Down Mode Current 4.2 UA
    Sensitivity 2Mbps Mode in Received -92dBm
    Sensitivity 1Mbps Mode in Received -95dBm
    Sensitivity 250kbps Mode in Received -104dBm
    PA Gain 20 dB
    LNA Gain 10 dB
    LNA Voice Coefficient of 2.6 dB
    Antenna Gain (Peak) 2 Dbi
    Multi-Frequency 125 Frequency
    Interface SPI
    2MB Rate (Open Area) 520m
    1MB Rate (Open Area) 750m
    250Kb Rate (Open Area) 1100m
    Frequency 2.4GHz~2.5GHz
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