Arduino Uno R3 board


10K , 1W Resistor

US-015 Ultrasonic Sensor

The US-015 Ultrasonic Distance – Measurement Module can detect distances ranging from 2cm and up to 4m (700cm stable). It can be used with any microcontroller such as Arduino. It has 4 pins, 2 of which are for 5v power (VCC – GND) and two pins for data. Specifically, it can be used in a great variety of projects like robots or any other automation. Also, it is widely used for education due to ease of use. It is very similar to HC-SR04 module, it has although some differences in range, resolution and frequency.

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    • Resolution up to 0.5 mm
    • Can realize 2 cm to 4 m non-contact ranging function, the power supply voltage is DC 5 v, working current is 2.2 mA, support GPIO communication mode
    • Operating temperature:0~+70°
    • Output mode: GPIO
    • Detection angle: less than 15°
    • Detecting precision: 0.1cm+1%
    • Size: 45mm*20mm*1.2mm
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