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Sharp Distance Sensor 2y0a21

The Sharp Distance Sensor 2y0a21 is wide angel distance measuring sensor with accurate measurment used for many DIY projects.  It has an analog output that varies from 3.1V at 10cm to 0.4V at 80cm.  It can be used for touch less switch, DIY robots. It is united with PSD infrared LED and signal processing circuit. The voltage output in this device is corresponding to the detection distance.

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    Sensor Type Distance (Infrared)
    Controlled By Sharp Adapter
    Sensor Output Type Analog Voltage
    Measurement Distance 10-80 cm
    Response Time 38 ± 10 ms
    Supply Voltage 4.5 V DC - 5.5 V DC
    Current Consumption Max Typ. 33 mA
    Operating Temperature Min -10 °C
    Operating Temperature Max 60 °C
    Short Measuring Cycle 16.5ms
    Weight 3.5 g
    Size 29.5×13.0×13.5 mm 
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