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Graphic LCD

Serial LCD (16*2)

Serial LCD with I2C Backpack comes with 16 by 2 Lcd module and I2C connector. With the help of lcd backpack the desired data can be displayed on the lcd through the I2C bus. The backlight can be controlled by the jumper and display contrast is adjustable by the potentiometer on the board.

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    Interface I2C
    I2C Address 0x20
    LCD Size About 2.6inch
    Display Format 16x2 Character
    Supply Voltage 5V
    Contrast Adjustable Potentiometer
    Backlight Adjustable Jumper
    Pin Definition VCC、GND、SDA、SCL
    Size 80mm x 36mm x 20 mm
    Viewable Area 66mm x 16mm
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