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Hx-4s-a01 Bms

It has a great performance.This BMS has battery Protection Board adopts intelligent lithium cell management IC for fast and safe charging.It has Over-Discharge Voltage Range too and also it has  2.3~3.0V±0.05V and over-Discharge Voltage Range is 2.3~3.0V±0.05V.It has High quality Lithium battery protection board has gone through load and aging test for quality assurance.It has wide range of applicable temperature ,suitable for many places.

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Item Type Protection Board
Model HX-4S-A01
Size 72 X 17 X 3mm / 2.83 X 0.67 X 0.12in
Overcharge Voltage Range 4.25~4.35V
Over-Discharge Voltage Range 2.3~3.0V±0.05V
Upper Limit Working Current 6~8A
Upper Limit Instantaneous Current 12A
Quiescent Current Less Than 30μA
Internal Resistance Less Than 100mΩ
Charging Voltage 16.8~17V
Working Temperature -40 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Short Circuit Protection Protection, Charge Recovery

It has different features like it has high continous current and resistant to large power flow.It is convenient to install and also easy to manipulate and also applicable for many scenarios. The board has short circuit protection function for better reliability.It has maximum working current is 6~8A with a maximum instantaneous current of 12A.
This type of BMS has wide range of applicable temperature ,suitable for many places.


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