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The TSOP Infrared Sensor Receiver Module with Remote is an Infrared Receiver Module including Remote which adopts 1838 infrared receiving head. It is a universal type with iron shell and bendable legs. It has various features like: - Inside and outside double shielding package structure, Light resistance and strong electromagnetic interference, Built-in with infrared dedicated IC i.e. it can work under 500 lux light intensity and so on. This TSOP Infrared Sensor Receiver Module includes Remote so that to make better, advanced and effective handheld user experience. This Module can be widely used in various applications like: - TV, Stereo, Video machine, Disc machine, Set-top boxes, Digital photo frame, Car stereo, Remote control toys, Satellite receivers, Hard disk player, Air conditioner, Heater, Electric fan, Lighting and other household appliances

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    Name TSOP Infrared Sensor Receiver Module with Remote
    Compatible Brand For Arduino
    Size 6.4*7.4*5.1 mm (TSOP Module Only)
    Receiving Angle 90°
    Working Voltage 2.7 V To 5.5 V
    Frequency 37.9kHz
    Receiving Range 18 m
    Sensor Type Electromechanical
    Termination Type PC Pin
    Color Black
    Remote Included
    Led Inclided
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