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Mg996 Servo 360

10pin Female Header Long

The female header is a mini device that has one of the connectors and has been widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, instruments in the general connection device, mainly as a function of current or signal transmission.  For board-to-board connection, it uses needle support. It comes with an 11 mm long pin. Pins are usually gold plated. This device is usually used with male headers. This device is ideal for connecting 2 boards together.

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  • Connectors
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  • Connecter
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    gender female
    temperature range -55 degree Celsius to + 105 degree celsius
    current rating 1A
    PIN PITCH 2.54MM
    plastic height 8.5mm
    pin length about 11mm
    number of pins 10
    body orientation straight

    This device has great features like bass metal contact points, best-built quality, breadboard compatibility, and many more.

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