The History of Raspberry PI

The Raspberry PI is a computer in credit card sized form. It is a series of tiny single-board computers. The Raspberry PI was first introduced in the year 2012 in UK. It was developed by the Raspberry PI Foundation. The main aim of the foundation was to promote and provide knowledge to schools and colleges about basic computer science. Initially, the released two devices which were knows as Model A and Model B. These models had different spec and capabilities. The model gained so much popularity than they had expected. The models were bought by areas which were not their desired target markets.

                The Raspberry PI became very popular in a very short amount of time due to its portability and cost efficiency. According to the reports provided by the foundation, more than 5 million Raspberry PIs had been sold within February 2015. It became the best-selling British computer. Till date several models of Raspberry PI have taken the market by storm. Some of them are: Raspberry PI 1 Model B, Raspberry PI 1 Model B+, Raspberry PI Zero, Raspberry PI 3 Model B etc. As the time passed away the Raspberry PI became more advanced every year.

                Raspberry PI is being used in many areas and one of the most important areas where it’s being used is Robotics. Even the developed didn’t thought that it would get so much popularity in the field of Robotics. Since the Raspberry Pi is small, cheap and easy to use when compared to other technology available in the market, even general people can use it on various projects. The Raspberry PI is a beast which is in a different league and the areas of its use will keep growing further and further.

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