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USB to TTL CP2102 Without Cable

The USB to TTL  Module use CP2102  chip with 2.0 version . It help in converting of USB convert to serial interface.  It has self restoring fuse , power /TXD/RXD indicator.  It supports Windows OS. It has 57 bytes receive buffer and 640 byte transmit buffer.

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    Chip CP2102 
     Self-Restoring Fuse 500mA
    USB Connector Type A Male
     TTL Connector 5 pin
    Baud Rates 300 bps to 1.5 Mbps
    Temperature Range -40 to +85
    Power Supply 3.3 v
    Cable Included No
    Version 2
    Colour Red
    Size 42mm X 15mm
    Weight 4g
    Name Rating Comment
    Nitesh Neupane 4.00 I use it to upload code to arduino pro mini. connect txd-rx, rxd - tx, gnd-gnd, vcc-5v When the code just starts uploading press the reset button on the pro mini board (asap).


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