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MAX485 Module

The MAX485 Module is a RS485 to TTL MAX485 Module which converts TTL signals to RS485 for long range, high data rate error prone differential communication. It is based on the MAX485 integrated circuit. It features digital communication networks implementing the EIA-485 standard which can be used effectively over long distance and in electrically noisy environment. It can be suitable for various applications like: - Level translators, Low-power RS-485 transceivers, Low-power RS-422 Transceivers, Transceivers for EMI-sensitive applications, Industrial-control local area networks and many more.

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    Name MAX485 Module
    Chipset MAX485
    Working Voltage 5 V
    Pitch Headers for RS485 4-Pin, 2.54 mm (For Power)
    Pitch Header for DI, DE, RE, RD Signals 4-Pin, 2.54 mm
    2-Pin Terminals Pitch 5.08 mm (For Easy Communication and Wiring)
    PCB Board Size 44 x 14 mm
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