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Fs-i6 Remote With Cable

This remote works basically in the frequency range of  2.405 to 2.475GHz.This band has been divided into 142 independent channels,each radio system uses 16 different channels and 160 different types of hopping algorithm.It has Silm design on transmitter for easy handling.This radio system uses a high gain and high quality multi directional antenna,it covers the whole frequency band. It Is associated with a high sensitivity receiver,this radio system guarantees a jamming free long range radio transmission.This radio system uses low power electronic components and sensitive receiver chip.The RF modulation uses intermittent signal thus reducing even more power consumption.

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    Channel 6
    Model type fixed wing/helicopter/glider
    RF receiver sensitivity -105dBm
    Modulation GFSK
    Channel resolution 1024 steps
    Bind port yes
    Power port yes( VCC)
    Power 4V -6.5V DC
    Weight 6.4g
    Antenna length 26mm
    Size 40.4 x 21.1 x 7.35 mm


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