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Arduino Pro Micro

Arduino Pro Micro Usb is an ATmega32U4 board  running at 5V/16MHz. It is the smallest Arduino –Compatible board. It has high speed PWM with programmable and resolution from is Supported under Arduino IDE v1.0.1. it can accept voltage up to 12VDC. It has USB connectivity on-board and on board power and status LEDs.

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    Microcontroller ATMEGA32U4
    RAW   4V-16V
    VCC   3.3V at 500 mA
    Digital I/O Pins 12
    Analog Input Pins 4
    Maximum Current for Chip 200mA
    Maximum Current Per Pin 40mA
    Flash Program Memory 32kB
    EEPROM   1kB
    ADC 10-bit
    PWM 8bit
    Clock Speed 16MHz
    Size 1.3×0.7″
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