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1 Cell 18650 Battery Holder

5mm Led White to Red

It is simply a semiconductor light source. It is applicable as indicator lamps in different devices and widely used in different types of lighting too. It looks like a white led and it luminate red light. It is 5mm in size. It consumes low power. It is efficient and also has long life too. It is applicable in different fields like automotive, Backlight Sources. Display Screen.Electronic Equipment.General Lighting.DIY projects, Arduino projects, Raspberry-Pi projects, Electrical/Electronic projects, and many more.

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    Size 5mm
    Type Diode Led
    Version Led Two-tone
    Color led Diode Red / Warm White
    Lighting angle 30 °
    Lens Diode Clear / transparent
    Current of the LED diode 30mA
    Operating voltage 1.8-2.6 / 2.8-3.6
    Color temperature 3000K


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