Arduino Uno R3 board


4S, 16.8v 40A Bms (4Channel Bms)

5amp Xl 6019E1 Boost Module

This type of boost module uses conventional BOOST complete constant voltage output scheme.It has  internal integration of MOSFET too.

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    Material PCB board
    size 5cm/1.97inch

    It is basically less peripheral devicesand also it is low in system cost.It has wide voltage range input.This modules has  input voltage up to 35V. The output voltage can be adjusted, and the maximum can be supported by 40V.It is built in over temperature protection area.It is  over-current protection full set of reliability and protection circuit.It  high reliabilable. The system conversion efficiency can reach more than 90%, which is convenient for thermal design.It is suitable for boosting applications within 30W.

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