Arduino Uno R3 board


ZJSB9-80Z 4P , 80A

40amp Hobbywing ESC

This device has many features like using this multi-copter special program, fast throttle in response, it surpasses all kinds of open-source software. Device firmware was optimized specially for the disc motor and it has very good compatibility too. It has adaptive capacity too. It is very easy to use. It has a strong flow capacity also. This mini electronic device has ultra-low resistance MOSFET. By using MOSFET special driver IC, performance and stability far surpass the driving circuit with discrete components built.

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    cont.current 40A
    Burst current (10 Sec) 60A
    BEC none
    LIPO 2-6s
    weight 26g
    size 68*25*8.7mm
    usage RCmulticopter
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