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Coreless motor

1147 Propeller

The device 1147 propeller props have a 6mm hole drilled in the front side of the hub. It has a 9.5mm hole on the backside of the hub to accept a prop shaft adapter ring. The prop is a set of five 9.5mm ODadapter rings that step down the center hole of the prop to allow it to fit on the 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm, or 8mm motor shafts.

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    material carbon nylon
    size 11*4.7
    Color red
    diameter of shaft 6.0mm
    thickness of center 9.7mm
    weight 22.66gram/pair
    recommended wheelbase 300mm-500mm
    recommended motor 800kv-1100kv

    This device is specially designed for multi-copters. These propellers are useful in drones as well as in multi-copters. It is made of plastic which provides both lightness and rigidity.

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