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Raspberry Pi V2 Camera

The Raspberry Pi V2 Camera is is an official product from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is one of the latest Camera Module of Respberry Pi having 8-Megapixel of capacity. It can be suitable for various applications like: - CCTV security camera, Motion detection, Time lapse photography and many more.

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    Name Raspberry Pi V2 Camera
    Resolution 8 Megapixels
    Video Modes 1080p30, 720p60 and 640 × 480p60/90
    Linux Integration V4L2 Driver Available
    C Programming API OpenMAX IL And Others Available
    Sensor Sony IMX219
    Sensor Resolution 3280 × 2464 Pixels
    Sensor Image Area 3.68 x 2.76 mm (4.6 mm Diagonal)
    Pixel Size 1.12 µm x 1.12 µm
    Optical Size 1/4"
    Focal Length 62.2 Degrees
    Horizontal Field of View 48.8 Degrees
    Focal Ratio (F-Stop) 2
    Chief Ray Angle Correction Yes
    Global and Rolling Shutter Rolling Shutter
    Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) No - Done By ISP Instead
    Automatic White Balance (AWB) No - Done By ISP Instead
    Automatic Black Level Calibration (ABLC) No - Done By ISP Instead
    Automatic 50/60 Hz Luminance Detection No - Done By ISP Instead
    Frame Rate up to 120 FPS Max 90fps. Limitations On Frame Size For The Higher Frame Rates (VGA Only For Above 47fps)
    AEC/AGC 16-Zone Size/Position/Weight Control No - Done By ISP Instead
    Mirror and Flip Yes
    Cropping No - Done By ISP Instead (Except 1080p Mode)
    Lens Correction No - Done By ISP Instead
    Defective Pixel Cancelling No - Done By ISP Instead
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