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8*8 Matrix Controller RGB

The 8*8 Matrix Controller RGB Development Board is an Arduino compatible board that is specially designed to drive a 3 color RGB LED dot matrix displays. It uses an ATmega328p device loaded with the Arduino boot loader which allows the development board to be programmed directly from the Arduino development environment (via a suitable TTL serial adaptor). It has various features like: - Full 24bit RGB color control with 6 bit color correction, Includes hardware constant current PWM driver, Serial and I2C interfaces allowing for daisy-chaining of additional modules etc. It can be suitable for various applications like: - Data logging, Remote sensor node, Robotic control and many more.

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    Name 8*8 Matrix Controller RGB
    Microprocessor ATmega 328P
    Power Supply Range + 5V to + 5.3V
    Operating Current Max 300 mA
    Operating Temperature Range -10°C to + 50°C
    Material FR-4 Epoxy Glass Fiberboard
    Program Interface UART/ISP
    Communication Protocols UART/I2C
    Size Approx. 6x6x1.2cm
    Weight 23 g
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