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Im393 Motor Speed Measuring Sensor Module

H206 Speed Measuring Sensor Module

H206  Speed Measuring Sensor Module is used to  detect the speed of  an object with H206 Fiber glass photo coupler having operating voltage 5v  where speed encoder included used schmitt triggered output for noise immunity.Blocking output is low and non-blocking output is high with operating temperature -20°C - 65°C.

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    Reverse Voltage (Bipolar ) 5V
    Forward Current 60mA
    Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage 25V
    Emitter Base Breakdown Voltage 5V
    Forward Voltage (Diode) 1.5V Max
    Reverse Current 10uA Max
    Collector Emitter Leakage Current 1uA Max
    Conduct Current 250uA Min
    Saturated Voltage 0.4V Max
    Rising Edge Delay 10us
    Falling Edge Delay 10us
    DC Current Transfer Ratio 10% Min
    Operating Voltage 5V
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