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Filament flexible( black)

Filament TPU (Black)

 TPU filament 1.75mm

High Elasticity & Strength

Duramic TPU is a perfect choice if you want to print rubber-like flexible and resistant models, parts, jigs and tools, etc.

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  • NRS 4000.00

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    • Consistent Dimater - Duramic uses digital caliper system to ensure the highly accurate and consistent diameter 1.75mm with 100% tolerance ±0.05mm, 99.9%±0.04mm,99%±0.03mm and 97% ±0.02mm. The consistency and true advertisement of diameter ensures you clog-free printing experience.
    • SMOOTH & STABLE PRINTING - Duramic TPU filament 1.75mm is produced with jam-free patent, along with excellent layer adhesion, you can get smooth extrusion and stable printing experience without clogging. Recommended Nozzle Temp 220±10°C, bed temp 25-60°C and printing speed 20-40mm/s.
    • Compatible with not only direct extrusion printers but also bowden extrusion printers and 3d pens in market. User-friendly with length scale and weight scale to monitor remaining length and weight easily. The storage hole is 
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