Arduino Uno R3 board


L293D Motor Driver Board for ESP8266 WiFi NodeMcu Lua ESP12E

5V 12V 10A Voltage Regulator PWM DC Motor

Voltage:DC 5V-16V

Continuous Current: 10A

Short maximum current: 20A (less than 10 seconds)

Speed control mode: PWM stepless speed regulation, can also be used to adjust the light

Control mode: speed control potentiometer (clockwise clicked open, continue to rotate clockwise from 1% to 99% speed)

Duty cycle: 0%-99% (0% position is the state of the switch off when the potentiometer is most on the left).

When the current is switched on, the 0.002A (long time no need to switch off the governor is no current).

Efficiency: the maximum efficiency is as high as 98%.

Volume: long 3cm (excluding potentiometer), wide 2cm, high 1.4cm

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