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Power Supply 5 Amp

 Maisheng MS-3010D is a 5 Amp DC power supply with LED digital display. It has thicker steel chassis with durable handle for easy handling. It has features like overvoltage protection (OVP), over temperature protection (OTP), overcurrent protection (OCP), Pre-regulator PWM switching, MOS linear adjustment mode, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. This power supply also has intelligent fan controlled by temperature for cooling.  It can be used for testing the DC motors, DC fans, for charging the b

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    Voltage Input AC 220 V 50Hz
    Voltage Output DC 0-30V Adjustable
    Current Output DC 0-5A Adjustable
    Resolution Voltage 0.1 V, Current 0.1A
    Accuracy +/- 1% +/- 1 Word
    Voltage Stability ≤ 05% + 1mV
    Current Stability ≤ 1% + 10mA
    Load Stability CV ≤ 1% + 1mV CC ≤ 1% + 10mA
    Wrinkle and Noise CV ≤10mV (RMS) CC ≤20mA (RMS)
    Working Environment -10-40 ° c Relative Humidity <80%
    Storage Environment -20-80 ° c Relative Humidity <80%
    Display 3 LED Display
    Weight Around  4.0kg
    Size 40cm x 20cm x 20cm
    Color White
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