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Pixhawk 2.4.8 + 8m gps without power module

Pixhawk is an electronic device that is simply described as a PPM -Input autopilot. It is clearly defined as that it gets RC input from the single cable from the receiver.Pixhawk includes autopilot ,Safety switch button ,buzzer ,SD card adopter and others .

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    Microprocessor 32-bit STM32F427 Cortex M4 core with FPU
    Sensors ST Micro L3GD20 3-axis 16-bit gyroscope
    Weight 38g (1.31oz)
    Length 81.5mm (3.21")

    Pixhawk has 32 bit ARM Cortex. This device has 14 PWM/servo has  a integrated  backup system too which is used for in-flight recovery and manual override .This electronic device has  external safety button for easy motor activation .It has amulticolor LED indicator and micro SD card for long - time high -rate logging .

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