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Kapton of a polyimide film and silicone adhesive is designed for high temperature masking applications, including the protection of printed circuit board gold finger contacts during wave soldering.It is used in electrical insulation applications that meet class H requirements.Heat-resistant, electric insulating and corrosion-resistant too.It is nontoxic and harmless to human and environment.

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Thickness 1mil-7mil 
Type Polyimide Tape
Heat Resistance 280℃.
Thickness Tolerance ±10%
Width (mm) 10mm
Weight (g) 15g

It serves as the perfect combination of heat resistance (anti-creek property) and Durable Insulation. Extensive use as electrical insulation for transformer , motor , coil , capacitor and frequency conversion power supply in electronic industry.It is One-side Self-adhesive.It is used for extensive use as electrical insulation for transformers, motor, coil, capacitor, and frequency conversion power supply in the electronics industry.


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