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Hx-6s-12a Bms 6channel Bms

It allows the simultaneous charging of 6 lithium batteries type 18650 or similar (electrically speaking). It is easy to implement and also used to manage the charge and discharge of battery systems that may be part of the electronic projects. It is basically a protection system for overcharging over-discharge and short-circuit.


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    Output Voltage 22..24V
    Input Voltage 25.2 - 25.6 VDC
    Charging Voltage Range 4.13 to 4.23 VDC (± 0.05 VDC)
    Over Discharge Voltage Range 2.55 VDC (± 0.08 VDC )
    Maximum Charging Current 15A
    Operating Temperature -30 to 80 ° C
    Maximum Discharging Current: 15A
    Idle Consumption 10uA
    Resistance less than 20m milliohms
    Size 31 x 49 x 3.4mm
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