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12mm Red Led Strip

Fs-i6s Remote With Mobile Stand

Full touchscreen interface. Capable of sending and receiving data. Multi-channel Hopping Frequency. Omni-directional Gain AntennaUnique ID Recognition System Low Power Consumption

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    Channel 6
    Model Type Quadcopter
    RF Range 2.408~2.475GHz
    Bandwith 500KHz
    Band 35
    RF Power Less then 20dBm
    Power Input 4.2V-6.0V

    The FlySky FS-i6S Remote Control 2.4G 6CH AFHDS Transmitter with FS-IA6B Receiver new-look design comes with some exciting new features. This radio incorporates a monochrome backlit LCD touchscreen making it easy to program and make changes in sunlight or at night.

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