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Coreless motor

This coreless motor is small high-speed motors are common in micro drones and flying kids toys. This motor measures 7mm in diameter and 16mm in length. This mini electronic device is perfectly suited to any small application where a high rotational speed is required. This device is run from a single lithium battery cell. It is applicable in household appliances too like hairdryers, popcorn machines, and many more.

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    voltage 3.7v
    speed 40000RPM
    Output shaft length 8mm
    motor length 16mm
    wire length 80mm
    motor diameter 7mm
    motor weight 3g
    motor color silver
    motor material metal
    diameter 8.5
    length 20

    It is a high-speed and low torque motor. It has a less noisy operation. It offers low resistance. These devices are equipped with high-quality magnets. This coreless motor supports a 1s battery.

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