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Bluetooth Module (XS-3868) Small

Bluetooth Module (HC-05)

The CSR bluecore 04-External single chip HC-05 Bluetooth module designed as Bluetooth SPP module for transparent wireless serial connection setup. This module has integrated antenna with edge connector. It connects to the last device on power as default. It supports android mobile Bluetooth. It can be used as both master and slave devices.

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    Chip CSR Bluecore 04-External
    Model HC-05
    Wiring(only need 4 wires) RX to RXD / TX to TXD / GND to GND / 3.6V to 6V
     Operating Voltage 3.3V
    Input Voltage 3.6-6V
    Sensitivity Typical -80dBm
    RF Transmit Power Up to +4dBm
    PIO Control Yes
    Default Baud Rate 38400
    Power 3.3V
    Supports Andriod Bletooth Yes
    Support IOS Bluetooth No
    Operating Temperature -20 to 55℃
    Size 36.5*16mm
    Weight 4g
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