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  • X-Bee S2C

    X-Bee S2C

    The XBee S2CTH Module with PCB Antenna allows to create complex mesh network on the XBee ZigBee mesh firmware with improve power output and data protocol. This module has reliable and simple communication between computers, system or anything with a serial port. It is compactable with other ZigBee devices. Point to point and multi point network are supported in this module.

  • X-Bee Shield

    X-Bee Shield

    The XBee Shield V3.0 is a fully  Assembled shield. It works with XBee modules including the Series 1 and Series 2.5, standard and Pro versions. It has 3 indicator and 2.54mm break out for xbee. It is easy pluggable with arduino development board. Using the popular Xbee module the shield allows the arduino to wireless communicate over a modified Zigbee protocol.

  • X-Bee USB Adapter

    X-Bee USB Adapter

    The Bluetooth XBee USB Adapter + Micro USB Cable are a compact USB with serial adapter that uses FT232RL as a microprocessor. It can be used for programming or communicate with board without any USB interference. It helps in easy connection between our PC and various wireless applications.