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  • VGA to HDMI Cable

    VGA to HDMI Cable

    The VGA to HDMI adapter cable is an adapter cable that converts analog VGA into digital HDMI + 3.5 mm with audio. It supports resolution up to [email protected] high bandwidth support, HDMI v.1.4 compliant. Its output video resolution remains the same as input video resolution. It requires external USB power

  • USB Female

    USB Female

    The 4-pin Female USB connector socket is commonly used applicable device in our daily lives. It is used for various devices  like desktop PCs, peripherals, keyboards, mouse, digital electronics, PBXs, Cell phones, Mp3 players, other portable  and hand held devices.

  • Wireless USB Network NANO Card

    Wireless USB Network NANO Card

    The Wireless USB Network NANO Card is a 150MBPS Super Mini USB Wifi Adapter Module. EDUP's Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter allows you to connect your laptop or desktop to any Wireless-N networks in your home or office. This Module has various features like: - High speed data transfer, Lightning fast download, Online gaming and so on. This Super Mini USB Wifi Adapter also gives you access to all the high-speed features of Wireless-N networks whether on newer or older computers. It is simple and easy to setup so that you can surf the internet, download movies, and e-mail in no time.