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Goteck GS-9025MG Servo Motors

Goteck GS-9025MG servos are  alternative servos than the expensive servo brands with fast, lightweight, smooth and precise servos. They are perfect for medium- sized electric airplanes o helicopters. They are Very comparable to Hitec HS-65MG with full metal gears.

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    Modulation Digital
    Model GS-9025MG
    Gear Type  Metal Gear
    Operating Voltage 4.8 v – 6.0 v
    Stall Torque ( 4.8V) - 4.8v
    Stall Torque (6v) - 6v
    Temperature Range -20C°~ +60C
    Dead Band Width 7 usec
    Servo Wire Length 180mm 
    Operating Speed ( 4.8V) 0.12 sec / 60 deg
    Operating Speed (6v) 0.10sec / 60 deg
    Wire Info Brown/Black = Negative
    Wire Info Red = Positive
    Wire Info Orange/White = Signal
    Weight 13 g
    Size 23 X 12.1 X 28.8 mm 
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