Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor
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HC-SR04 + Kits   HC-SR04 ultrasonic module, ultrasonic ranging module, ranging module, ultrasonic sensor            

Product Description

 Main technical parameters:

(1) voltage: DC5V 2 Quiescent Current: <2mA

3: level output: high-5V 4: level output: Low 0V

5: Induction Angle: not more than 15 degrees 6: detection range: 2cm-450cm 7: High precision: up to 3mm

Wiring, VCC, trig 's (control side), echo (receiving end), GND ground

This product uses: a control Port an 10US more than the high, you can wait for the high output at the receiving port. One there

The output can be opened to the timer, you can read the timer value when this port goes low, this time for the distance measurement,

Order to calculate the distance. Such a continuous cycle of measurement, it can reach you move the measured value of ~ ~~
The module works:

(1) IO trigger ranging to at least 10us high signal;

(2) module automatically sends eight 40kHz square wave, automatically detect whether a signal return;

(3) the signal to return, a high IO output, high duration of

Ultrasonic time from launch to return. Test distance = (time high * speed of sound (340M / S)) / 2;

This module provides a full range of ranging process: C51, PIC18F877 ultrasonic LCD1602 displays, ultrasonic LCD12864 display digital display, serial display, ranging reference program.

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